April 2018


June 2018

Strong Brand, Stronger Community

The BOG Connection needed help creating a brand from scratch.
We delivered that – and more.

The BOG Connection is a commercial non-profit aquaponics farm that sustainably grows organic fish and vegetables for other non-profits. They aim to employ and train people who face employment barriers and create a food supply in communities where agriculture falls short. As a new organization, they needed to attract potential funders and build confidence in their mission. They also needed to be smart about where and how they spent the funding they had.

Building Blocks

Full Circle

Aquaponic systems are essentially a cycle: fish add nutrients to water, which is used to grow plants. The leftover water is then used to sustain the fish. The logo and vibrant green-and-blue pairing reflect that cycle in an approachable and friendly way, with a texture that creates a clear connection between land and lake, with just the right tone to keep things cheerful and uplifting. A subtle gradient adds just the right amount of depth to bring the brand to life.

The Brand in Action

The business cards and stationery we created have helped The BOG Connection establish roots in the London, Ontario community.
It’s helped inspire confidence in their professionalism and dedication to the mission among grant funders, too. We can’t wait to watch them grow!

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