An Objective
Worth Sharing

O Digital began for one simple reason: marketing should be creative.
It should get people excited. And doing it should be fun.

Not all agencies believe that. We should know – before creating O Digital,
our team has worked for a few of them.

But working on projects that can only be described as “mundane” was a gift. It made us realize how much we love building cool stuff. It fuelled our drive to bring ideas to life in new ways. It brought together a dream team with a shared passion.

And that passion infuses every project we work on today.


We Believe In
The Original

After 15 years cutting our marketing chops, we’ve learned a few things matter most:

Marketing shouldn’t be put in a box.
O Digital started from a desire to leave mundane Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5 marketing behind and create something eye-poppingly original.

We understand boundaries.
Sometimes they exist for a reason… and sometimes they’re meant to be broken. We know how to do both in a way that fits your brand.

No two companies are alike.
So no two projects should be alike, either. We thrive in that difference to make your vision as extraordinary as you are.

A Team That Doesn’t Just Perform – It Outperforms

Where do you find the best of the best? Not in one city, country or continent. Our full-service in-house powerhouse does it all, fuelled by outstanding talent and experience from around the world.

  • Our Designers build beautiful websites, logos, UIs and more
  • Our Developers code delightful experiences on the front and back end
  • Our Illustrators create images that are truly worth 1,000 words
  • Our Animators make even the most complex ideas pop off the screen
  • Our Videographers tell amazing stories with professional production
  • Our Photographers get the right shots that send a message
  • Our Writers prove the pen is mightiest with every line of copy

Ready to kick
good to the curb?