Packaging Design


September 2020


April 2021

Strength and Survival

Train hard. Stay determined. Never give up. Dynamis Nutrition fuels extreme workouts – and we fueled their extreme brand.

Dynamis Nutrition is all about performance… and results. Its broad range of workout vitamins and supplements is formulated to power workouts from the toughest bodybuilder to the everyday fitness enthusiast. Energize, burn, shred, gain, maintain, recover or boost – whatever your goal, there’s a product. That’s where we came in, uniting all of those products under one brand that screams their motto: Strength and Survival.

The Next Level

By definition, Dynamis means a state of power not yet fully realized. It’s strength in motion, a concept that infuses the logo with strong, commanding lines, dynamic diagonals that push forward and an explosive red that jumps off of screen, page and product alike. Logo variants capture that strength in three dimensions, with textures that convey the same toughness and endurance as the equipment you’d find in a professional gym.

Pumped Packaging

Each bottle is carefully designed to not only draw attention on the shelf or webpage, but also connect with each other in a way that strengthens an immediately recognizable brand while still differentiating individual products. Reflecting the energy and potency of what’s inside, the high-contrast and high-detail images we selected create depth, energy and movement you can feel with your eyes.

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