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A Good Neighbour

The Hamilton Road BIA has a lofty goal: to revitalize a diverse and lively neighbourhood. Their brand needed a revitalization, too.

Walk or drive down Hamilton Road in London, Ontario, and a few things will catch your eye. Intricate tree carvings dotting a lively street. Historical buildings dating back to the 19th century.

Parks and sports centres where the community gathers. Unique shops, restaurants and services that support the locals and the city as a whole. This is the vibe that the Hamilton Road Business Improvement Area wanted to capture when it first opened – and when it was ready to modernize its brand.

What’s Old
is New

The past matters as much as the future to the Hamilton Road BIA.
The branding we created needed to reflect their mission to develop, advocate, promote and invest in the economic development and beautification of the community, without losing sight of its rich history and diversity. The logo we designed represents the connecting path that bridges “what has been” to “what’s next,” with iconography that mixes a road leading forward with deliberate echoes of the original branding.

The Journey Matters

Behind every great brand are many great concepts.
Our brand development journey began with the experience of standing on Hamilton Road, gazing toward the horizon of the east-west passage that was once a historical gateway into the city. The intricate linework of this early concept creates a sense of diversity – but the basic shapes that construct it speak to a strong foundation upon which the area (and the community) is built. And when bathed in warm tones, it creates a sunny, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Familiar Faces

Today, you’ll see the new Hamilton Road BIA brand everywhere from their website to their stationery – and even on the signage outside of their Hamilton Road home! With more than 130 businesses now participating, it’s come to represent much more than a single organization… it represents an entire community.

Ready to kick
good to the curb?