Product Design


Jan 2020


June 2020

Cold Made Hot

Nordenfrost wants its customers to look their best. We wanted their brand to do the same for Nordenfrost.

Nordenfrost is all about working under tough conditions.
Visit their online store, and you’ll find an array of clothing, workwear, protective gear, first-aid equipment and fasteners designed to get the job done even in the harshest weather.
With quality, durability and security at the core of their business, Nordenfrost’s brand design had to show their products work just as hard as their customers do.

Stay Frosty

There’s just something about the snowy owl. Not only are they strikingly beautiful, but they’re perfectly adapted for survival in the coldest climates on Earth. So when Nordenfrost asked for a logo that showcased the bird, we knew what we had to do: make it just as strikingly beautiful, with a clean black-white-and-grey palette, a design that shows strength in motion and an expressive stare that means business.

With the Flow

Versatility’s the name of the game. The colours, logo and font needed to be equally impactful emblazoned on the banner of a website, a profile photo on social media, a hoodie or a thank-you card. Glam it up with a gold shimmer, or pare it down to its black-and-white basics… Nordenfrost’s branding is dressed for success.

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